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Sound Therapy

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Sound Therapy is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system. Sound Therapy is founded on the premise that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies, and science has proven that this vibration directly impacts substance.

Sound Therapy is a vast area of study that includes numerous technologies and applications. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have used sound to heal. Fortunately, the healing powers of sound and music are now being rediscovered. Community drumming being used to release stress in the workplace; rhythm entrains brainwaves in children with brain disorders. The specific frequencies and harmonics of crystal bowls and tuning forks are being used to heal specific ailments of the body. We are relearning how to use traditional chanting, toning and overtone singing to resonate sound and its healing properties throughout the body. Through voice analysis technology, we can detect what frequencies are weak in our system and which organs are associated with those weak frequencies. By strengthening weak frequencies, we strengthen the corresponding weak organs. Sound and music are currently part of cutting-edge research. The following Sound Therapy technologies are available at Creative Care & Wellness Center:

Rhythm Entrainment Intervention®

REI is offered through the Strong Institute and is designed to provide you with long-term improvements in the symptom areas you choose. Custom-made for each client, the REI Custom Program provides REI Audio tracks dynamically engineered in response to your weekly progress.

tuning-forksTuning Forks

When a tuning fork is struck, it vibrates the surrounding space with its frequency, emitting a vibrational healing effect. Tuning forks are used to improve physical health, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, induce relaxation, and balance the nervous system.

vibra-acoustic-sound-tableVibroAcoustic Sound Table

Healing frequencies fill your body as you relax on a special sound table equipped with low frequency transducers. The treatment uses sinusoidal, low frequency (30 – 120 Hz) sound pressure waves, blended with music, to transfer sound waves directly into your body. This technique is supportive for muscle relaxation, increased circulation and pain reduction.

Vocal Toning

your-voiceChanting and toning are techniques for vibrating different areas of the body through singing that can be performed at home using your own voice. Not only does this provide a deeper awareness of sound resonation throughout your body, but it also is very cost-effective!

VoiceBio® Technology

Developed by Kae Thompson-Liu, VoiceBio® analyzes the root frequencies in your speaking voice to determine which frequencies are weak in your system. Various frequencies are associated with various organs and a possible susceptibility to specific diseases. Treatment is designed to tone your weak frequencies, thereby strengthening your weak organs.

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Sound Therapy services are currently only available in our Milwaukee office.

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